Date: 2023-05-16

Making a Good First Impression

Always keep in mind the old adage, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." That goes double for the uniformed officer.
As a uniformed officer, you stick out in a crowd. Everything you do and say, and every action you perform brands you in the minds of everyone who sees you. The first time they see you, they immediately form an opinion of you, either of respect or disrespect.
It may not be fair, but it is a fact of the security officer's life. Dedicate yourself to looking the part. Be aware of your personal appearance. Be aware of how well your uniform fits, and its condition. Be sure that the collar, cuff and pocket buttons are buttoned, and that your pockets are not stuffed. Make sure your tie is straight, and that your badge is on your outer garment for everyone to see. See that your shoes and all insignia shines.
Be sure to wear all uniform accessories; belts, hats, and black socks. Nothing detracts more from a uniform than wearing white socks. Everyone knows that white or off-color socks are not part of the uniform.
Your attitude must be helpful, courteous and businesslike. People respond positively to positive people. Whether your contact is face-to-face or over the telephone, your voice must always paint a picture of interested concern and care. Do not use slang, profanity or jargon if you want to be respected.
The officer that looks and speaks the part of a caring professional will find that the people he or she has to deal with will listen attentively, and will want to comply with his or her guidance. The officer who fails to measure up to the public's understanding of what a professional should be will earn only contempt.
Just how well you come across to the people you meet on the job - those you know well, and those you do not know well at all - will determine how positively they respond to your effort on their behalf, and how much they respect you in the process.
Do not strike out before you say a word by failing to live up to that first impression challenge. Look the part, act the part, speak the part and live the part and you will command the respect you must have to be an effective, proud, security professional.


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