Date: 2023-05-16

Teamwork for on the job success

Many of our officers work alone. They may replace another officer or be followed by a relief officer, but they work their assignment on their own.
They are not alone!
Standing behind that officer - even at the remote post - is a huge cast of supporting Inital Security team members dedicated to that lone officer.
If your Supervisor is not with you on post, he or she is just a radio or telephone call away. The Supervisor is there to see that you get the support or backup you need and that any trouble you encounter is responded to quickly and efficiently.
Your branch staff is there to see that your duty and personnel problems are taken care of. They are there to see that your uniforms are replaced when they become worn and to insure that your schedule and pay are correct. They are there to see that the service problems you find are taken care of.
Your Branch Manager is there looking over your shoulder at your day-to-day situation and needs. He is there to see that you and the client you are serving have responsive security support.
Your regional and corporate staff is there developing programs to help us and you to better our service product and your future career.
And do not forget your fellow Security Officers. They are there to back you up just as you back them up. They tend to the professional needs of our client on their shifts just as you do for them when they have the need.
Remember Initial Security is 8,000 security professionals strong, across the nation. All of our people, nationally and locally, make up a team working together to provide the very best in a quality security product.
So, the next time you feel like the Lone Ranger at your remote post, think about all of the other Initial Team Members who are at this very moment, bringing success to our company family and to you, as a an individual security professional.



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