Date: 2023-05-16

Security Officers are Front Line Defenders

Whether they are stationed at a gated entrance or high technology security station, security officers are generally the first line of defense for the entities they secure. This becomes apparent to every officer through his or her introductory training and on the job training.
A less well known fact is that security officers are the first line of defense against unhappy people. This situation becomes all too apparent after a few days on the job.
The majority of people whom a front line security officer encounters will be pleasant and appreciative of your presence. Others, for whatever reason, will vent their wrath on the first person they see - YOU!
So what do you do when a rude, ill-mannered person wants to vent his or her bad day on you ? The first thing to do is remain calm. His or her insults may sting, but you must not display your emotions. If you respond in a negative manner, you will only cause the situation to escalate. You should not tolerate cursing. If the person begins to do so, firmly interrupt them and say, "please refrain from using such language."
The next thing to do is to assess the situation. If you remain calm, this should be relatively easy. Most problems with people are caused by one of three situations; a misunderstanding, an external problem, or an internal problem. It is up to you decipher the signals the person is sending.
If there is a misunderstanding, or an external problem you can assist with, try to solve it. Being as helpful as possible is the best way to cover yourself. If the person is griping about everything, then he or she is probably having a bad day overall. It may be difficult, but the only thing you can do is try and help him or her.
Remember, if you feel physically threatened by the person, do not hesitate to call for assistance. Your safety is important.
As a security officer and a human being, you deserve to be treated with respect. Because security officers deal with so many types of people every day, an unhappy person is bound to present him or herself.
If the person really hurts your feelings or upsets you, please realize that you have no control over that individual. That person is upset for a reason that most likely has nothing to do with you. To keep yourself sane and in good spirits, let the harassment roll off your back: it is not a burden you should have to carry.


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