Date: 2023-05-16

Customer Service


Too many security officers see themselves as having one major interest - physical security systems, security hardware and procedures. After all, we are called security officers and we are in the private security industry.

We take real pride in our security skills, and living up to the disciplines that go along with deterring criminal acts and helping to prevent losses to our clients.
But there is an equally important other job that is very much part of each officer's work, it is as a customer service representative.
You must never forget that getting your security job accomplished depends upon how well you work with people. In a sense, everyone with whom you associate on the job is your customer.
And just WHO are these customers?
The client you serve is your customer. After all, our clients pay to have us working on their behalf. Seeing to your customer's needs - providing security, safety and fire watch - to enhance his or her business success is what your job is all about. Then, there are our client's customers, the people who visit our client's place of business to buy goods and services from them. If you treat our customer's customers badly by being abrupt, arrogant or discourteous, you will cost our client sales. And, that can cost Initial an account, and you your job.
Our client's employees are also your customers. Look at it this way, if you treat them rudely, if you are impolite, or inconsiderate, if you are pushy or sarcastic, they will take that attitude to their jobs and it will show up in their productivity.
It may also come back to haunt you and they will not be so willing to cooperate in the future. Bridges of cooperation come only with mutual respect and trust. Enforcing client policies that are being violated, such as someone smoking in a no smoking area, is so much easier when you have that positive, people-oriented, customer service attitude.
Even your fellow security officers are your customers. They have feelings, too, they should be treated with the same respect and consideration that you want to be treated. Show up for duty on time; be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to there. Do what is required of you to the very best of your ability. Be responsible for your actions; take responsibility for your own failures.
Do these things, and you will own a reputation of being trustworthy. Your fellow shift officers will not let you down because you never let them down.
We try to impress upon each security officer that we are in the business of People Serving People. Yes, we are in the business of providing security services. But our success as a security service provider depends upon the degree to which you earn the respect and trust of everyone with whom you associate on the job. It is called RAPPORT BUILDING.
The professional security services product begins with a good customer service attitude. Everything you do on the job ultimately hinges on your ability to demonstrate positive interpersonal relations skills.


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