Date: 2023-05-16

Presence, Impact and Responsiveness

Many security officers fall into the trap of feeling that they are just a part of a physical security system. They perform their duties well enough, however, they fall into a sort of "be there, do this, do that" ritual that steals their initiative. They lose sight of the positive presence they should be leaving with everyone they meet on the job and the impact they should be making on our client's business success.
The uniformed officer is a constant presence for good or bad. Yes, we all know about the important first impression image. But presence is more than that. Presence includes an inquisitive attitude that everyone senses when you are on the job. They gain a feeling that you are not just there, but that you are actively interested in and represent their best interest.
Presence is the confidence they feel in knowing that you are dedicated to their well being. Your strong presence will prevent internal theft because the would be thief feels certain that you will catch him or her in the act.
Presence is recognized by the criminal intruder who went somewhere else because your being there - vigilant - made him seek an easier target.
Presence is the feeling of confidence our client has that allows him or her to leave the business at night, unworried about what will happen in his or her absence.
You cannot buy presence. You cannot put presence in a desk drawer to be ready for anything that might happen.
But presence is real nonetheless. It is that aura that surrounds a secure, prosperous business. Without words, presence says this is a safe haven from the problems of the outside world. You can work here free from fear. You can conduct business to your best advantage, concentrating on being the best that you can be in your work skills, without having to waste time on fears.
That secure presence results from the proud, aggressive security officer more than any other single component of any security system. It is the professional security officer that makes it happen for everyone who works or visits the client business.
Be proud of your presence contribution.
Also, the uniformed officer makes an impact for good or bad in everything he or she does on the job. Yes, again, that first impression image makes a giant impact. Add to that your report product impact. Everything you write, every form you complete, either commands respect or earns disrespect.
How you conduct yourself on the telephone will make an impact, not only on the person at the other end of the telephone, but also on everyone he or she tells about your conduct and attitude. Your attitude is an impact generator. They say that smiles are contagious.
Your greatest asset is that infectious good will that you should automatically pass on to everyone you encounter.
The plant visitor will remember the friendly, helpful, security officer who solved his or her problem. The employee who violates the client's no smoking policy will appreciate the officer's friendly reminder, that just may have saved him trouble from his boss.
The security officer cannot be in someone's presence without making some sort of impact. Your challenge is to work diligently at making each separate encounter with each person a memorable event that carries over in a positive way into that individual's work life throughout the day.
Responsiveness is that high impact character trait that forces the security officer to always - without fail - do what he or she says is going to be done when it is scheduled to be completed. And, if for some reason it cannot be done as promised, advise the person to whom the promise was made that the due time or date has passed and the reasons why.
How well you respond to the questions, requests, and problems of the people you serve on the job contributes mightily to the rapport you must have with all client employees. You become respected and trusted. People learn that you are someone whose support can be counted on!
That in turn promotes presence, and a proud professional image for Initial Security. Do not lose sight of the importance of your professional presence, your image and reputation for being responsive to the needs of the business community you serve.


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