Date: 2023-05-16

Fight Boredom and Stay Observant

Many Security Officers conduct roving patrols throughout client premises. It can be thankless, tiring work, especially if you patrol when our client's business is closed, at night and on weekends and of course, over the holidays.
The rounds ritual can be deadly boring. Boring -- that is -- if you let it be. Some officers devote hours alone, holding down the fort. Some officers have repeated the same walking round hundreds of times during the past weeks and months -- it's old hat, right? Wrong!
Change is everywhere if you just put your mind to looking for it. Possibilities to look for are defective door locks and latches, broken windowpanes, burnt out safety, fire and security lighting. Security hardware constantly needs repair and adjustment. Building maintenance will not know about these problems unless you are reporting them.
Look for security hardware modified for convenience such as alarms that have been turned off because the noise bothers people. Watch for secure doors that have been propped open to make it easy for employees to come and go.Watch for door latches that have been taped open for the employee-thief or for someone who is too lazy to work the access control system.
Watch for discharged fire extinguish-ers that have been returned to their racks without being recharged. Be especially watchful for fire escape doors that have been locked, or blocked shut. They will not work in time of an emergency. Periodically check the contents of first aid kits for medical supplies that are used but not replaced.
Safety and fire hazard checks should receive a high priority. What can you trip over -- move it. What can you slip on --fix it if you can, report it if you can't, and flag it so that other people will see the hazard when they approach it.
The observant officer is of great value to our client. You will also discover that this work becomes more challenging and personally rewarding when you apply yourself to searching for problems. Your duty will pass more quickly when your mind is busy.


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