Choosing Security Company in US

We know that choosing the right security company can be difficult. It may seem there is little or no difference between security companies. I believe there is, said Sam Dhaliwal. At Initial Security, we have been protecting companies for over 30 years. We know how it’s done. We listen. We have delivered quality security service […]

The Proactive Security Officer

The Proactive Security Officer Many officers look at their jobs as just a matter of following instructions. The officer will complete tasks that have been laid out for him or her in Post Orders and do what the supervisor assigns.However, responding to written instructions and verbal orders is just the beginning of a proactive security […]

The Attitude Hurdle

Just what is attitude? Webster defines it as a mental position with regard to a fact or state, a feeling of emotions toward a fact or state. Webster defines hurdle as an “obstacle to be overcome”. Just how high is your attitude hurdle set? Is yours a high hurdle? Are you a chronic complainer? Can […]

Officer Absenteeism Affects Everyone

Officer Absenteeism affects Everyone Three to six percent of workers are absent on any given day. Employees who are absent for good cause have legitimate reasons – e.g. sickness or family member illness. This is the case for a vast majority of employees. However, when an employee is absent frequently, their commitment is often challenged […]

Another Successful Year

With the support of many secondary schools, Initial Security has been privileged to ensure the safety of our youth at various Grad 2015 events. Our supporters are the reason we stand strong! Good luck to all the grads of this year, may your future be prosperous.

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