Every now and then you need to take action to solve problems at work. It’s very easy to simply point out a problem. You may have heard another employee say, “That will never work.” Or maybe an officer has said to another, “That was a dumb idea, they should have asked me.” Does this really contribute to the success of Initial Security? Simply pointing out a problem is not the desired behavior.

Your willingness to simply research and propose solutions to the challenges that arise at work will set you apart as a supervisor. Sometimes it makes sense to consider more than one solution or, depending on the issue, seek input from another supervisor, a Field Manager or the client. Author and creator of “The Inspiration Book Series”, Anthony D’Angelo said, “Focus 90% of your time on solutions and only 10% of your time on problems.”A good supervisor knows some of the ideas that have worked in the past. Use your common sense as well as creativity to workthrough issues and take action on what needs to be done. It is important to demonstrate to our customer how your “solution” is working.

The Initial Security supervisor needs to own issues and their solution. When you’re with the customer, they don’t want to hear complaints, they want to hear:
• Here is what I recommend….
• I have found two possible solutions….
• Here is how we will fix the problem and make sure it doesn’thappen again..

Focus on the solutions to issues and spend less time focused on the problem itself. Our client will see you as a problem-solver and, by doing so, you will undoubtedly sharpen your leadership skills.The theme of Initial Security supervisors should be “Achieving Results Together.” To honor the commitments we have made asa company, to our customers and to each other, it’s important to address here are four important challenges:

Challenge #1
Look for ways to conduct security services more efficiently and effectively – focus on ideas that truly benefit the clients we serve, even if it takes extra work on the part of the team.

Challenge #2
Maintain accountability as a supervisor, and collectively with your team, to ensure that high service standards and responsiveness to customers are displayed on the job.

Challenge #3
Set goals that can be measured — it is very hard to hit the target if no target is provided. Involve your officers in setting these goals for the team and together evaluate your progress.

Challenge #4
Enhance our presence as a security team. Everything we do should reflect professionalism. Individual responsibility and accountability are essential in moving forward, achieving results and providing service beyond the expectations of our customers. Make the commitment to enhance your effectiveness and that of your team by reviewing these strategies periodically and focusing on achieving results together.

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