At Initial Security Services, we are committed to providing you with the services you need to protect your assets in the most cost effective manner.

Those services include:
– Security/Risk Management
– Physical Protection Systems
– Situation Management
– Security Training Programs

Our mobile patrol units will conduct checks of sites outside of business hours. The checks may be time specific or random, with a specified number of checks within a set time frame and may be restricted to an exterior perimeter check or may include an interior patrol.

Security/Risk Management
Our security consultants will identify, analyze and recommend the most cost effective “best practices” to reduce and eliminate your loss exposure.

Scope of work includes:
– Threat/Risk Assessments
– Security Policy & Procedure Development
– Cash Handling Procedures
– Emergency Plan Development
– Benchmarking/Standards
– Security/Risk Management
– Advice Process Engineering

Physical Protection Systems
Should your needs include systems for reducing loss, we will assist you in designing and selecting cost effective, performance based systems such as:
– Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
– Card Access Systems
– Access Control
– Intrusion Detection Systems
– Identification Systems
– Key Control Management
– Emergency/Help Phone Systems
– Project Management
– Security Systems
– Evaluation
– Specification Design
– Tender Preparation/Evaluation Testing
– Commissioning Database Management

Situation Management
We will find the answers to why specific incidents occur and will assess the effectiveness of existing systems to determine their appropriateness and effectiveness. We will provide prompt and effective response to the following situations to protect assets and minimize business disruption.
– Workplace Violence
– Fires/Explosions
– Labour Disruption
– Business Interruption

Security Training Programs
We have the expertise, the technology, the facilities and the experience to meet all your Security Training requirements including:
– Security Awareness
– Harassment/Intimidation
– Conflict Resolution
– Meeting Legal Obligations

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